The RS Cars

The following table lists all the Ford RS, ST, XR and other non RS models. The non-RS models are prefixed with * in each catergory. Owners of these non RS vehicles listed are welcome and actively encouraged to join our club. If you do not own a car that is on the list, don't worry as all Rallye Sport enthusiasts are welcome as new members.

Escort Mk1 Twin Cam (& GT1600 1972)

Escort Mk1 RS1600

Escort Mk1 Mexico

Escort Mk1 RS2000

*Escort Mk1 1300GT, 1300, L, XL, Super, Van

Escort Mk2 RS1800

Escort Mk2 RS2000

Escort Mk2 Mexico

*Escort Mk2 GS Rally Pack, Ghia, GL, XL, L, Van

*Escort Mk3, Mk4, Mk5, XR3, XR3i & all other variants

Escort RS1600i

Escort RS Turbo Series 1

Escort RS Turbo Series 2

Escort RS Cosworth

Escort RS2000 Mk5 & 4×4

Capri RS2600 Capri RS3100

Sierra RS Cosworth

Sierra RS 500 Cosworth

*Sierra XR4, XR4x4, XR4Ti

Sapphire RS Cosworth & 4X4



*Laser S Turbo

 *TX3 & TX3 4WD

Ford KA
*Ford KA

Fiesta RS1800

Fiesta RS Turbo

*Fiesta Zetec Mk6

*Fiesta XR4 (ST) Mk6

Fiesta ST


Focus RS Mk1

Focus RS Mk2

*Focus ST170 Mk1

*Focus Zetec Mk1

*Focus Zetec Mk2

*Focus XR5 (ST) Mk2

Focus ST


*Mondeo ST24

*Mondeo ST200